Marksmanship Activities

Marksmanship is a very important part of Americanism and National Security, not to mention a very enjoyable activity. In support of our Membership we offer numerous Firearms Safety Courses and host numerous shooting competitions each year. All of these activites are intended to comradeship through a familiar activity, promote firearm safety, and provide opportunities for Veterans to retain the skills they learned in the military.

Basic Firearms Safety (BFS) Course – This course is provided by a cooperative effort with Bruce Jackson of 4 Permits and the Virginia Citizens Defense League. Information about our next class, course dates, pricing, and registration can always be found at our Basic Firearms Safety Course page.

Competitions are held several times a year with various formats depending on the season, location, and other factors. Each competition will have it’s own webpage dedicated for event details and registration activities. Weapon ownership is not required for participation as there will usually be a few individuals who will gladly share their weapon with you. All competitions require the completion of a safety orientation at each event and some require a formal short class to be taken in order to use the range.

Our upcoming competitions can be found at:

Post 247/330 Competition         Legion Post 247 – VFW Post 7728 Competition.

For more information, please use the contact form at the right to request additional information. You can also contact our Vice Commander, Ziggy Levison by calling 540-359-2202.