Commander’s Corner

Greetings from your Post Commander,

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past “Legion Year” as your Post Commander.   It has been a honor to serve as a focal point for our Post.   So many things have happened over the past “Legion Year” that has shaped our Post for success in the future.   Here is a quick snapshot in time…

We opened our new facility in May 2015.   When you look back to the momentous day that was and the pictures of the facility and then look at it today just 1 year later and the transformation is incredible.   So many new purchases, additions, changes to make it more rental friendly and the public has responded by coming out and using the facility.

Remington Movie Night began and the Post came out and served up popcorn, sno-cones and cotton candy to all in attendance for free.   All the while we enjoyed every movie.   This partnership continues this summer season as well.

Membership has continued to grow.   Our Post stands at 110% of our set membership goal.   This is a tremendous feat when you look back and see we hit 113% of our membership goal in 2015.   That means 40% of our current members have joined over the past 2 years.   That is a direct result of the phenomenal performance of our Membership Chair, Joanne Smoot.

Our website was spruced up by Ziggy in August and since then has grown by leaps and bounds.   With hundreds of hits A DAY, we are at the fingertips of the community and they are coming to our site to see what’s happening.   Along with that our Facebook page has grown and grown with over 200 likes that is more than double our post membership.   The community is out there checking out our progress and joining in on our programs.

The year was not all fun and glory.   We had numerous comrades get called to report to the Supreme Commander.   We miss each and every one of those comrades.   When we lost Lou Alleman/Adjutant, we had a massive void to fill.   Darlene Constant raised her hand and volunteered to serve in Lou’s honor for the remainder of the year.   She did a fantastic job in a position she needed considerable OJT to perform.   She did it with an infectious smile and has learned a ton which will continue to benefit the Post for years to come.

Over the holiday season we did a few first-evers for the post, we held a Holiday Bazaar, led by Robert Yowell and had a tremendous success.   Then #PizzaClaus where we gave away free pictures with Santa (aka Robert) and pizza to all who came out.   What a great time and this was one of the first events the public came to, and saw, our new rental hall.

Another first-ever was our Four Chaplains Ceremony.   Joanne and Wayne put together an incredible program which paid tribute to the Four Chaplains.   Coordinating that event was no small task.   It was another success story for the Post.

We held a Marksmanship Day where members came out to fire weapons and ultimately compete for prizes and bragging rights.   Bragging that still goes on today.   Along with this was another first-ever Concealed Carry Class held at the facility.

We held our first-ever Spring Fling and this brought in so many vendors and shoppers that Robert Yowell took the bull by the horns and we now hold “Super Yard Sales” every month.   This is a fantastic way to again get the public to our facility and it does bring in a decent revenue.

We rolled all our events and ideas into our annual awards, which we had never actually done before either.   We submitted a Firefighter of the Year and 2 Law Enforcement Officers of the Year to Department HQ.   Our Firefighter of the year WON for the Dept of Virginia.   A fantastic honor for our Post to have this true hero supporting our community.   With all our awards we held the first-ever Community Appreciation Dinner where we honored our local recipients and many other local business and community leaders.   An event that we will now strive to do annually.

Finally we have breathed new life into our Legion Baseball program.   With the reigns taken by Wes Brown we now have a solid coach for years to come.   Wes has brought the team together like never before and things are looking great for the team and its future.

What a fantastic year, and I didn’t even get to mention our scholarships, Boys State, Patriot Club, and so much more.   So many people made this a fantastic year and next year is going to be even better.   With our landscaping project about to begin the exterior of the facility is going to transform into an area where people will come to see and take pictures.   Veterans are going to see it and want to be a part of the organization.   Things are happening and they will continue to grow.

As we move forward we need to set our sights on continued growth and new ways to not only raise funds for our programs, but energize and grow all of our current programs to new levels.   We are blessed with some truly incredible folks within our post who donate many hours of time to post activities and helping/serving our local veterans and their families.   I challenge everyone to step forward and become even more involved in our Post and our programs.   We are doing fantastic things within our community and our reputation is now growing throughout the local community as an organization that does things and supports the community and its citizens.

This is a great time for Post 247 as we look to our new facility and new opportunities to strengthen and partner within the community.   Thank you for your service and your continued support of our Post.   Thank you for allowing me to be Post Commander.

For God and Country

Commander, Remington Post 247